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CandyRific® sells exciting novelty confectionery with unique features. Their products are favorites for collectors of all ages.

Bee International®

Bee International® has been in the novelty candy business since 1970. Bee’s success has focused on designing, developing, importing, and distributing novelty candy and gift products to and from all over the world.


Kidsmania® is a seasoned manufacturer of candy novelties pushing the challenge of innovation in both, candy and toys. Have them here!

Flix Candy™

Founded over 50 years ago, the company has a passion for sharing its love for candy with everyone. It continues to bring joy to kids all around the world to this day!
Sweet Products


Established in 1995, Koko’s continues to develop and selling exciting novelty candy. To heighten clients’ eating experience, the company offers innovative designs and flavors from trusted brands like Icee® and Slush Puppie®.
Confections & Gifts


Founded in 1947, Frankford Candy is the leader in the licensed confections and gifts industry. While the company is still a family-favorite for the four major holidays, their candies can also be found on store shelves, and are part of our selection everyday, all year-round.

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